Mark My Words

Author: Mark Maynard:  Signed Copy

The last thirty-four years has been one wild ride. As a sports writer, sports editor, and managing editor of The Independent, a daily newspaper in Ashland Kentucky, “”I have had the absolute privilege of covering sports of all kinds in northeastern Kentucky. There have been heartwarming stories, heart-breaking stories, funny stories, and unbelievable ones. All the way, with pen and pad in hand, I have watched as Little Leaguers became Major Leaguers, as state championships were won and lost, as a seventh-grader took the area by storm, as friends who were sports legends have come and gone. As far as coverage, I have run the gamut. I was there when Duke’s Christian Laettner broke Kentucky’s hearts everywhere with that dagger of a shot in 1992 in Philadelphia. I was there when Ashland and Russell won state football championships. I covered the football team that everyone called “Jaws” and learned and written about area teams of the past---many of them long before my time-and how they made history with amazing performances that are still talked about today.  

What you will find inside the pages of this book are a collection of my sports columns and stories that were in the pages of The Independent from 1977-2009. They carry some opinion and much history of one of the greatest sports places in Kentucky. Just ask anybody who has lived here. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.


----Mark Maynard