Melungeon Winter, A

Author: Patrick Bone

Two young friends—one white, the other black---become men when the father of one of them is wrongly accused and convicted of a murder. They turn to a feared Melungeon hermit whose wisdom and courage take the three of them on a journey through Appalachia of the 1950s. With the assistance of a black holy woman who lives in a cave, and a 350-pound Texan who drives a tractor-trailer called The Yellow Rose of Texas, they uncover a plot involving bootleg whiskey, blackmail, and betrayal. Using humor, suspense, and folk legends, the author spins a tale of murder and friendship that rises above the prejudices of the times.

Patrick Bone took his writing seriously after he retired from his work as a parole officer with the State of Colorado. His first short story published in Bruce Covelle’s Book of Monsters was followed by four more stories in the well-known series. His short fiction has appeared in magazines and books in the United States, Great Britain, and Russia. He is also the author of Bloody Mary, a young adult novel, and The Aliens of Transylvania County, an upcoming young adult novel for Silver Dagger Mysteries.