More Kentucky Ghost Stories

Author: Michael Paul Henson

Probably no section of the country can rightly claim more mystifying, more intriguing or more enduring ghost stories and unexplained phenomena than Kentucky….With this statement, which he based on years of personal research and investigation, the author presents his second collection of such tales. Certainly he finds plenty of ghosts throughout The Bluegrass State, and it seems there are no limitations to the variety of incidents encountered. In most stories of this genre, some happening from the past is interjected into the life of someone in a later time period. The reverse is experienced by Jamie Stidham, a pilot who flies his plane through a cloud bank---and 200 years back in time---for a surprise landing. Daniel Boone was just as bewildered as the pilot!

Inhabitants of the “shadow-world” may appear anywhere. The Kentucky coal mines harbor their share of manifestations, with balls of light and apparitions being seen by numerous miners. Many of the spirits are benevolent, having played a role in saving lives and guiding trapped miners to safety. There are tales of haunted houses, cemeteries and gravestones, road and tunnels, along with disappearing soldiers, Indians, animals, and even ghostly trees. But there is so much more—a total of seventy-five narratives “of the sixth dimension” or, some might say, close encounters of the sixth kind.

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