Mountain Passage 2003

Author: Garry Barker

Mountain Passage and other stories of Eastern Kentucky

Garry Barker was born in 1943, third oldest of nine children, and grew up near Bald Hill in Northern Kentucky. He won writing honors as early as the sixth grade, was a National Merit Scholar at Fleming County High School, and graduated from Berea College in 1965. He has been writing articles, essays, and book reviews since 1970 for regional magazines and newspapers. His short stories were collected in Fire On The Mountain in 1983, and his novel Copperhead Summer was published in 1985. Barker won the 1985 Catholic Press Association “Best Short Story” award, and he placed third in the 1986 competition. Active in regional organizations’ and well-known as both a writer and an expert on mountain crafts, Barker is University Editor at Morehead State University

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