Natural Interiors

To find an inner equilibrium, we need to live close to nature. Our homes can recreate the natural environments that liberate us. Natural, untouched, raw, wholesome interiors feed our craving, nurturing and nourishing the spirit. Artificial interiors, on the other hand, are the fast food of modern home life, providing a transient solution that leaves us hungry for more. Pure, untouched, and stylish, this is the blueprint for natural decorating.

Natural Interiors explores the ever-increasing range of natural products and methods, from the raw materials to how to integrate them into your home without losing comfort, efficiency or functionality. It explains the advantages of eco-friendly options over the mass-produced, the artificial and the processed, and delights in their unique and nurturing qualities. Natural materials are longer lasting, more beautiful and unique, healthier for us physically and emotionally, and better for the planet than artificial materials.

Natural Interiors looks at the elements of nature that we can bring into our homes-water, color and light. Then discussed are raw materials, such as wood and stone, and how to choose walls, floors, furniture and lighting, concluding with a selection on room design and how to coordinate to bring a balanced whole to any home. By creating natural and inviting spaces, Natural Interiors evokes a style of living that is gentle, nurturing, aesthetic, practical and balanced.

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