Author: Jim Wayne Miller

Robert Wells hears the story years later, from his Grandpa Smith. It’s hard for him to know if such a strange happening could be true, or if Grandpa is just telling a tale. A tall one.

There are so many tales, so many voices, on Newfound Creek, in Tennessee. While he’s growing up, Robert listens to them all: to other boys hunting raccoon late at night, to men pitching horseshoes behind Grandpa Well’s general store, to Grandma Wells and her talk of the world’s peoples, the good livers and the sorry, to Mom and Dad, whose wild years of marriage are a story in themselves.

And from them he makes a story of his own, of his years from twelve to seventeen. When, at the end, Robert leaves his Appalachian home, his journey is murmurous with their voices, memories and quirks. Even the girl he meets, he has, miraculously, met before.