North from the Mountains

Author: John S. Kessler and Donald B. Ball

North from the Mountains is the latest in the series, the Melungeons: History, Culture, Ethnicity, and Literature. This is the first substantive study of the Carmel Melungeon settlement since 1950. Tracing the Carmel Melungeon’s history from about 1700, Ball and Kessler offer extensive firsthand information about the settlement and relate the Carmel population to the Melungeons and similar mixed-blood populations of the Mid-Atlantic coastal region.

Kessler and Ball’s study combines a review of documentary evidence, extensive firsthand observations of the group, and information gleaned from area informants and visits to the Carmel area. John Kessler was a resident of a nearby community until about age eighteen – hence the personal insight and perspective into the lifestyle and inter-and intrarelationships of the group