Quotable Teacher, The

Every morning, hundreds of thousands of adults handle the most demanding audience anyone could ever hope to know -- a roomful of students -- in what many would argue is the most important job in our society: teaching. Teachers have the power to shape lives, and in turn, shape the world where we live, as the famous thinkers in this fascinating collection will attest. Author Randy Howe gathered quotations from poets, writers, politicians, scholars, and many others -- teachers all -- to help put into words the many unspoken thoughts and emotions that his profession evokes. A good teacher is a passionate teacher, writes Howe, and teaching is an art form. With reflections from everyone from Aesop to Martin Luther King, Jr., and Margaret Mead to Barbara Kingsolver, these inspirational and informative words of wisdom discuss everything from the importance of teaching and learning, to the need to think outside the box, to dealing with discipline and classroom management. By turns thought-provoking and laughter-invoking, this collection should be on the bookshelf of every teacher, young and old alike.


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