Romantic Kentucky

When people think of Kentucky, they often conjure images of thoroughbreds grazing on rolling bluegrass farmland behind miles of white fences, or the strains of "My Old Kentucky Home" on Derby Day. In this guidebook, the authors uncover some of the state's lesser-known charms, particularly those that lend themselves to romance.

Taking a broad view of romance, this book includes something for readers of every different lifestyle, interest, and income. You'll find everything from a bed-and-breakfast inn to a riverboat cruise to a historic Shaker village or to a scenic blackberry farm. Here's a sample of some of the authors' favorite sites and activities:

--View the Western hemisphere's only moonbow-a sort of nighttime rainbow--at Cumberland Falls

--Have breakfast and watch the morning workouts at historic Keeneland Race Track in Lexington

--Immerse yourself in a weekend of rousing music at the Great American Brass Band Festival in Danville

--Take your sweetheart on the Violet City Lantern Tour at Mammoth Cave

--Take a Moonlight Float on Elkhorn Creek near Frankfort during full-moon weekends.

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