Sleepy Valley

With nine years of marriage down the drain, Chicago native Nick Stewart leaves the city behind in search of solitude. He heads for his most cherished place in the world to heal and live the rest of his life alone. Little did Nick know that Gods plans were different from his own. Sleepy Valley is a small mountain village in the heart of the Tennessee Smoky Mountains that Nick loves. But instead of peace and quiet, he cant seem to avoid meeting everyone in the little mountain village. Within a week, hes got two beautiful women chasing him, a new best friend, and a little puppy to boot. It seems Nick didnt pick Sleepy Valley, but God picked the town for him, and what God has in store, Nick never could have imagined. Author Tim Callahan takes readers on a journey through heartache, laughter, and everything in between as Nick finds Gods healing through true love and true friendship in Sleepy Valley. A break from his successful Kentucky Summers series, Tim Callahan gives readers this new novel of romance and comedy.


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