Song of the Wild

Audio Book Cassettes

This is a young adult novel about a boy with a very special talent that leads him into very special difficulties. Caleb Anderson, 12 years old, lives in Zion, Illinois, and he has the remarkable ability to project himself into the any living organism, animal or plant, and see, feel, taste and otherwise experience what that host is feeling, but without the host having any knowledge of his presence and without Caleb having any form or motor control over the host. He is only an observer. The problem is, when Caleb decides to enter an insect or bird or mammal or even a plant, in order to experiencing what it is experience, the body he leaves behind appears to be in some kind of a trance or coma and cannot be aroused until he himself elects to leave the host and come back. Obviously, this causes him a great deal of trouble, especially at home and in school. The troubles become so bad that his parents finally send him away to live for a while on a horse farm until he "gets over" his problem, which neither they nor his teachers nor anyone else understand. At the farm he meets a kindly veterinarian and begins to help him, with very unexpected results and a wholly unexpected ending. Originally published in 1980 by Little, Brown & Co., Boston, MA. 

SONG OF THE WILD is now available as an unabridged audio book read by the author. This set of four handsomely packaged audio cassettes with a running time of just over six hours was published in October, 1997.