Songs of a Mountain Plowman

A note from Dr. James Gifford, CEO & Chief Editor of the Jesse Stuart Foundation written about this book's 2012 reprint:

"Most Stuart fans know that Harvest of Youth, privately published by Jesse in 1930, is Stuart's first book. His next book was Man With a Bull-Tongue Plow, published in 1934 by E. P. Dutton Company, a major commercial publishing house.

Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, the First Edition of Bull Tongue Plow sold out in less than a month. The success of this book was a springboard to a great writing career that began in the 1930s and continued until and after his death in 1984.

However, between Harvest of Youth Man With A Bull-Tongue Plow, Stuart wrote a second collection of poetry, Songs of a Mountain Plowman, that was not published until 1986, two years after his death.

This was the first book I published when I became Executive Director of the JSF in 1985. Songs was edited by the late Jim Wayne Miller, a great Appalachian scholar and long-time member of the JSF Board of Directors.

It was first published as a trade paperback which sold out in the 1980s and was never republished. It is an important book for Stuart fans who wish to understand Stuart's development as a poet and a great addition to Stuart collections."

Now, twenty-five years after its first appearance, the JSF has re-issued a Special Edition hardback of Songs of a Mountain Plowman that will be made available September 28, 2012 at our annual Jesse Stuart Weekend.