The Chivalrous Man

Preoccupied by our "performances" --professional, intellectual, emotional, and yes, sexual, we try to please those around us yet we may be left with an acute sense of emptiness within. But apart from all of the action, acting, and activity going on, men do possess the capacity to love, cherish, honor, and care for others in a powerful and godly way... IS CHIVALRY DEAD? HARDLY Th sworn mortal "Code of Chivalry," which governed the conduct of medieval knights of old, remains the essential rulebook of manhood today. Beyond a crass pursuit of wealth at the expense of welfare, its tenets value honor, courage, gallantry, courtesy, generosity, selflessness, loyalty, humility, faith in God, and a godly respect for women. Author Gary Milby invites you to join him as he revisits the timeless guiding principles of The Chivalrous Man, discovering in them a new spiritual freedom and a pathway to personal and relationship success. GET IN THE REAL GAME! "Life is not and never was about, 'finishing first with the most material possessions'," say Milby. "Rather, and profoundly what life is about, and what it has always been about, is something for more substantial..."

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