The Horse Survival Guide

Recognizing the fact that owning a horse is one of the greatest commitments you can make, demanding dedication, time, hard work, and money, The Horse Owner’s Survival Guide is designed to help you survive and improve the bad times and get maximum pleasure from the good ones. This comprehensive work offers many varied ideas that you can tailor to your individual circumstances, whether you are an owner with years of experience or a rider wondering whether taking on your first horse is a feasible idea. Starting from the basic question of choosing the right kind of horse for your lifestyle and abilities (thus helping to prevent a costly mistake), The Horse Owner’s Survival Guide goes on to cover such vital issues as:

• Outlining the costs and ways to cut them down
• Reducing the risk of expensive veterinary fees
• Setting up the stable
• Choosing the right tack and clothing
• Feeding and grooming your horse
• Selecting the best bedding, bathing, and fencing
• Providing safety and insurance for your animal

Bursting with practical advice and problem-solving ideas, The Horse Owner’s Survival Guide reduces the intimidating concerns of horse owning and teaches you everything you need to know to keep yourself sane and your horse fit, healthy, and happy.