The Patriot Hezekiah whitt

The Patriot, Hezekiah Whitt is based on a true story, I try to keep dates, places, and names correct. The book deals with the years 1760-1846 and is centered in what is now Tazewell County, VA. Hezekiah was an Indian Spy, Militiaman, Sheriff, and a life time Gentlemen Justice Of The Peace appointed by the Governor of Virginia in 1800. Hezekiah was a rebel against England and a Patriot to the Free State of Virginia and the United States. Hezekiah married an Indian Lady. The book has accounts of several Indian stories and fights. Also in the back is listed the descendents of Hezekiah Whitt. (Genealogy Section) Areas of South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois are all mentioned in this collection. I am a direct descendent.


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