The Quiet Kentuckians

David Dick's love for the Commonwealth of Kentucky and its people is never more evident. The author's humanitarianism shines through clouds of cynicism with a clarity that is simply and wonderfully inspiring.

"Quiet Kentuckians live out good lives. The truth of it lies as certain as a feather lightly on the land, a sign that it belonged to those who chose to soar ... In waftings of feathers are the stories of a people. The composite dignity and worth of unique human beings stem from a core of hard-working, God-fearing individuals."

The Quiet Kentuckians decries stereotypical thinking. It praises the goodness of the past and looks to a brighter future. Warm, full of pleasure, sensitive and with a caring attention to rich detail, the author weaves his stories from and for those he most admires.

A book for all America, The Quiet Kentuckians is rooted in the values of little people in little places doing little things but receiving little recognition. It embodies fundamental truths as seen in the lives of heard in the voices of these individuals.

"One Daisy Mae does not a profile make of Kentucky women, any more than one Lil' Abner represents a Kentucky man. Nor do the ranting and the raving that pass for substantive reporting in the news media have much to do with grass roots growing quietly in and of and for the soil."

The Quiet Kentuckians is a voice in concert now and for generations to come.