Tim, A Story 2011

Tim has had an interesting and unique history including four separate printings. Written in the late 1920s when Stuart was a student at Lincoln Memorial University, it was not published for another decade. Originally intended as a story in Little Man magazine, it was printed as an actual book. Like much of Stuart';s early writing, the text is heavily salted with the eastern Kentucky dialect that Stuart heard as a boy. In the 1960s, Stuart wrote of his title character: In his younger days, Tim was one of the greatest storytellers among the Plum Grove Hills, (but) the Plum Grove Hills of today could not produce another Tim.

Tim, who didn't take very well to books, would be declared a juvenile delinquent. There would be all sorts of people working to get him educated or to teach him a trade. He would no longer have to kill poor little polecats to sell their pelts for a pittance. There would be some sort of dole for young Tim...He wouldn't be running over to the neighbors with his tall tales. Tim wouldn't be entertaining; he would be sitting in front of his television being entertained.

Tim has been preserved because today's world couldn't produce another such character. The old days made him what he was, and the old days are gone.

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