A True Man of God: A Biography of Father Ralph William Beiting, Founder of the Christian Appalachian Project

This is a portrait of a unique missionary priest, Father Ralph William Beiting, who has brought great hope to many needy people in one of the most isolated and poverty.stricken areas of AmericaóAppalachia. A native Kentuckian, Father Beiting has provided help to the poor for almost half a century through spiritual guidance and humanitarian leadership. Considered ahead of his time, this visionary of anti-poverty, racial equality, social justice, and religious unity never flinched at opposition or ridicule. Through persistence and strong faith, Father Beiting broke down barriers and boundaries that others felt were impossible to accomplish.

Operating on a sound philosopjy of “helping people to help themselves,” Father Beiting founded the most comprehensive charitable organization in America, the interdenominational Christian Appalachian Project. Highlighted throughout this book is his determination to promote the spiritual, social, and economic transformation of Appalachia.