Waterloo Wonders

"The Waterloo Wonders" Nov. 2008, is a expanded and revised version of the teams story, set during the "Great Depression". One book is a companion to the other. Seventy-five years ago, the Waterloo Wonders came out of the Lawrence County hills to become the most colorful, most exciting, most unforgettable team in the history of Ohio high school basketball. Over two seasons, 1933-34 and 1934-35, they won back-to-back state championships and in the process, perhaps as many as 100 games, only a handful of them on their own court. The Wonders, imitating no one, astonished overflow crowds in the state’s largest arenas with their whirlwind passing, deadeye shooting, lockdown defense and whimsical showmanship. Left-handed, right-handed, two-handed, behind the back, between the legs, over-handed, underhanded, bowling style, sitting down, lying down, without looking—the Wonders passed with such lightning speed, such radar accuracy, fans and opponents alike often did not know where the ball was. Now, on the 75h anniversary of their first championship season, author Dick Burdette, whose book, "The Fabulous Waterloo Wonders" was published in 1961, has re-printed it as the 75th Anniversary Edition, to celebrate this amazing story.


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