West Virginia Tough Boys

A bestseller is now available in a handsome softcover format and includes additional research, interviews and photographs. Entirely revised and re-edited, West Virginia Tough Boys remains a historically significant literary effort about mountain politics and the 1960 presidential primary campaign in West Virginia. Rich and straightforward stories of political tomfoolery, vote-buying and eventual victory for Senator Kennedy in the Mountain State's primary are documented here. West Virginia has often been sited as the most important and vital win in Kennedy's original bid for the White House. The book features a great deal of research, along with interviews and discussions with a variety of politicians and campaign workers from yesteryear. Along the way, politicos from the era Claude Ellis (head of the John F. Kennedy for President campaign, in Logan Co., WV); Raymond Chafin (leader of the Hubert H. Humphrey for President campaign, Logan Co., WV); Dan Dahill (former WV delegate, state senator and noted attorney), and others like them share interesting and sometimes humorous stories about growing up in rough and poverty stricken southern West Virginia. Collectively, these fellows influenced the course of local and state politics for more than half a century. They have rubbed shoulders with many of the icons of our era. Meanwhile, in Tough Boys, there are others like US Senator Robert C. Byrd; Alex DeFobio; Tom Godby; Bus Perry; Elvie Curry; Raamie Barker (leader of the 1968 Robert Kennedy for President campaigh, in Logan Co., WV) and Mel Cottone (a Kennedy advanceman and eventual member of JFK's administration) who take supportive roles in this fascinating journey. It was a time when John, Bobby, Ted and even Rosemary Kennedy became acquainted with the common folks throughout the Mountain State and walked the streets of many small towns in the region. Perhaps, by learning more about the West Virginia's Tough Boys, you ll better understand all politicians of the era ... and today's leaders, as well.

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