When Fallen Angels Fly

When Fallen Angels Fly a thoroughly enjoyable book reading experience, replete with laughter, tears, triumph, and tragedy. Charlene is having trouble in her marriage, and no one seems to take her seriously. Charlene Lawson an outgoing old woman, who tells her story of a young woman in 1960’s Alabama. Because of its strong sense of character development, When Fallen Angels Fly touches a plethora of emotional chords. At times, it is gritty and inspirational, while still maintaining enough comedy to offset the less-comfortable instances of emotional upheaval. Many changes emerge as these fallen angels once again learn to fly. Charlene meets Rosie, her next-door neighbor. As the two become friends, Charlene is introduced to Karma, Rosie's niece. Eventually all three women become lifelong, deep friends who bring joy and friendship into each of their lives. When Rosie drives a U-Haul to Eastern Kentucky for Charlene to get the remainder of her things, we learn about Rosie's unbelievable past through flashbacks. A former hooker at the Mustang Ranch, Rosie explains to Charlene her brutal childhood and how she met her con husband at fifteen after running away from home. We learn that overcoming a past can be done but with baby steps and relapses, that humor makes life bearable, and that working, struggling mothers of low income remain poor because the government structure completely ignores them.