White Squaw: The True Story of Jennie Wiley 2000

Thomas and Jennie Wiley lived on Walker's Creek in Bland County, Virginia. In 1789, a small band of Indians attacked the Wiley cabin and killed Jennie's three older children and her brother. Jennie was taken captive along with her baby son.

Quickly, the Indians and their captives moved westward into what is now Kentucky. Jennie's only hope for herself and her child was to keep pace with her captors. The Indians moved northwest into the Big Sandy Valley of Kentucky. Unable to cross the flooded Ohio River, they retreated to a series of winter camps in present day Carter, Lawrence, and Johnson (Kentucky) Counties.

With only a rock bluff for shelter, Jennie spent the winter laboring as a slave. After almost a year in captivity, Jennie escaped, miraculously evading pursuit as she made her way to a small settlement at Harman's Station on John's Creek, where settlers helped her return to her husband.

The author, Arville Wheeler, was inspired to write this book, because his grandmother told him the story of Jennie Wiley when he was a child. It's a great book for readers in grades 4-8, but teenagers and adults will enjoy it, too.

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