Wild Sweet Notes

Publishers Place is very excited to announce the publication of WILD SWEET NOTES II: MORE GREAT POETRY FROM WEST VIRGINIA, the second in a two-part set of anthologies of notable West Virginia poets.

WILD SWEET NOTES II follows WILD SWEET NOTES: FIFTY YEARS OF WEST VIRGINIA POETRY, 1950-1999, published in 2000, representing 50 years of West Virginia poetry from 1950 through 1999. The first volume was placed in all West Virginia public libraries and secondary schools. It has been used as a text in numerous poetry, creative writing, and Appalachian studies courses at colleges and universities. WILD SWEET NOTES II will feature 60 poets not included in the first book and approximately 200 poems, and we expect this book will be equally as successful in its representation of West Virginia's literary talent.

From Colleen Anderson, WV poet, author of THE NEW WEST VIRGINIA ONE-DAY TRIP BOOK:

The image of a garden appears again and again in Wild Sweet Notes II, and it is a fitting symbol for this second volume of poems from West Virginia writers. Here is a whole new season of verse, varied and bountiful and nourishing. From the haunting clarity of Tom Andrews to the lush and layered voice of Mary Moore, from the delicious story-spilling poems of John Hoppenthaler to Trent Busch¹s dead-on metaphors to Martin Lammon's slow-burning passion, Wild Sweet Notes II is full of work that will delight and reward readers. Rita Mae Reese tells small and terrifying truths. Bill King turns a morning walk into an epiphany. Honor J. McCain burnishes the surfaces of everyday words with a sense of history. I doubt that any reader, no matter how familiar with West Virginia writers, will fail to find some new and arresting voices in this anthology.

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